Our Missing Friend

I learned yesterday that Georgia had passed away. When I left Phoenix, Lynn sent me a prayer shawl that had been knitted by Georgia. I can imagine her small and skillful hands fashioning the blue wool into something beautiful.

When she got sick last year and wasn’t eating I took her to my favorite Chinese Buffet after church one Sunday. I was very perturbed when she hardly ate anything. Buy she got a good doctor and got turned around with a pacemaker and she got going again. She was a faithful Bible Study presence.

Though we are consoled at times like these by our belief in the resurrection and the life ever after, I feel blue today thinking of her empty chair in the group. I hope her journey has been a good one.

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Reading Romans

I have been flying in small planes to the villages, Kaktovik and Wainwright. In one of the hotels I read the first part of Romans. Paul admonished everyone to live a pure life. I think at the time he was writing he was encouraging the new “Christians” to follow many of the Jewish laws. No doubt there was a culture clash there. I believe the Greeks were people who enjoyed pleasure (Epicureans?). Anyway, I find the culture here to be different but interesting. People are friendly and very family-loving. They are very interrelated by marriage and bloodline. They try to be kind and helpful to others. They have lots of problems as we all do.

We must all find our own way to live a pure life. Jesus gave us many parables and stories to help us. Stories about generosity, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance. I usually ask God to forgive my selfishness and make me a loving person. It is hard to be like Jesus.

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New to Alaska

Thanks for thinking of me Arlo. It is about 25 degrees below zero here. I thank God for a safe trip and new opportunities. I miss you all. HUGS.

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Arlo’s New Echo Prayers Blog

Pastor Arlo has a new blog for Echo Prayers. It is located at echoprayers.wordpress.com. Visit this site and give some positive feedback about the book. I know we have really enjoyed reading from it at Bible study.

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We are Discussing Law and Ethics

What place does Biblical law have in the Lutheran Church? We still consider the ten commandments to be relevant. However we are not lost in the past — contemporary issues and ethical dilemmas must have a focus as well. What issues do we have that Moses may not have had? The readings for next time are Genesis Chapter Three.

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Bible Study will Resume on September 13, 2011

See you there Tuesday Group, at 9:30.

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Summer Reading

Anybody reading anything good this summer? Life of Jesus? The Apostles? Biblical history? Vacations in the Holy Land? Share with us.

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